Strombecker Wood & Plastic Kits

This page contains images of Strombecker model kits. Most are solid wood scale models of
aircraft. Recently I have added a Strombecker plastic kit. The are two Woodline kits which
were made by Strombecker and were the same. I built the F-86, FJ-2, DC-6, and F-94 in
the early fifties. I have fond memories of them sitting on my shelf in my bedroom along
with Aurora, Lindberg, and Hawk plastic kits. If anyone has an unbuilt Strombecker that
is not already shown and would like to share it; contact me.

F7U  Exploded View F7U  Kit Parts F7U  Completed Model

DC-6  Parts
DC-6  Decals
DC-6 On Stand
DC-6  Exploded View

3 View
Part Numbers
Exploded View
Decal Sheet
Kit Parts
Nose Weight
Landing Gear

Convair Wood Parts
Convair Parts Diagram
Convair Exploded View
Step 2

P-61 Kit Parts
P-61 Fuselage
P-61 Propellers
P-61 Three View

P-61 Instructions
P-61 Decals
Built Models


Strombecker F-80 kit photos courtesy of Bill Johnson.

F-80 Kit Parts
F-80 Three View
F-80 Instructions

F-84  Parts
F-84  Finished
F-84  Exploded View
F-84  3 View

F-94  Parts
F-94  Finished Kit
F-94 Exploded View
F-94  Side View



Skyrocket  Instructions
Skyrocket  Parts
Built Models

Bonanza  Parts
Completed  Model
Exploded View
Bonanza  3 View

Swift  Instructions
Swift  Three Views
Swift  Parts
Swift  Decal  Sheet

Swift  Backside  Box
Swift  Built  Model

Swift  Instructions
Swift  Exploded View
Swift  Wood Parts
Swift  Decal  Sheet

Swift  Box  Back

Piper Cub Instructions
Piper Cup Exploded View
Piper Cub Partss
Piper Cub Decal Sheet

Piper Cub Box, Back

F-86  Wall Poster
F-86  Kit Partss
F-86  Decal Sheet

FJ-2  Parts
Completed Model
Exploded View



B-24  Parts List
B-24 Instructions
B-24 Wood Parts
B-24 Other Parts

Restored Model
Restored Model
Make your own parts.
B-24 Decals

B-29 Parts

Restored B-29

B-47  3 View
B-47  Parts List
B-47  Parts
B-47  Stand
B-47  Decals


Matador  Parts
Instructions on back of box

Regulus  Parts
Regulus  Instructions


T-37  Parts
T-37  Canopy
T-37 Instructions
T-37  Decals

X-1B Exploded View
X-1B Model Photo
X-1B Main Parts
X-1B Decal Sheet

The Boeing 307 kit photos were sent to me by John Fox

Boeing 307 Instructions
Boeing 307 Instruction-2
Boeing 307 Parts
Boeing 307 Decals

Restored Models

China Clipper Instructions
China Clipper 3 View
China Clipper Parts
China Clipper Decals

Clipper Parts - 1
Clipper Parts - 2
Clipper Plans - 1
Clipper Plans - 2

Clipper Decals

VTO  Parts
VTO  Plans
VTO  Decals

Above is a Boy Scout Spotter model made by Strombeck-Becker MFG. Co., Moline, Illinois, and
distributed by the National Supply Service - Boy Scouts of America - New York - Chicago - San Francisco

Parts and Plans

1930's Strombecker Restored Models.

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