Monogram  Speedee Bilt Kits

I would classify these as poor flying scale models. I built two of the Hellcats in the early
fifties. On rubber power and the kit prop they could just maintain level flight for a few 
seconds, but they looked cool doing it. My first one I painted in Dark Blue dope and used 
the decals. I thought this was the problem, but the second one I did not paint and it did not
fly any better. I wish I would have bought the whole set in spades as they are very valuable
now. The F-84 balsa parts sheet is taped together for viewing. It will not fit in the box that
way and was split at the factory before packing in the box. The F-86 had two small sheets
that fit in the box.

Hellcat  Instructions
Hellcat  Parts
Hellcat  Print Wood
Hellcat  Decal  Sheet

F-84  Plans
F-84  Balsa Parts Sheet
F-84 Wing Bottom
F-84  Decal Sheet

F-84  Plastic Parts, Canopy

F-86  Plans
F-86   Balsa Parts Sheet
F-86 Wings and 2nd Sheet
F-86 Plastic Parts & Canopy

F-86  Decal Sheet

Kaydet  Plans
Kaydet  Wood  Parts
Kaydet  Plastic  Parts
Kaydet  Wings

Kaydet  Decal  Sheet

This Speedee  Bilt kit is different from the ones I built.  This is not a flying model.  It is a display
model that is built like a Speedee Bilt kit.  It contains plastic and balsa wood parts.  Rather than
solid wood fuselage and wings, like the Superkits, the fuselage is built up from formers and the wing
is in two halves; top and bottom with a spar.

B-26 Three View

B-26 Details

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