Hawk Model Company
4314 N. California Ave.
Chicago, Illinois
1940's era Hawk balsa solid scale aircraft model. Hawk made the switch to plastic
models by about 1950. I built many Hawk plastic models in the early fifties. They
went out of business in the sixties and many of their kits were produced by Testors.
I would like to add some of the Hawk plastic kits to this page. If you have any of
the wood or plastic early kits and can scan the boxes and contents, I will include 
them on this page.
                                                                 Phil Juvet

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Hawker Typhoon

Typhoon Plans
Typhoon Parts
Typhoon Plan
Typhoon Decals

Douglas DC-3 Transport

DC-3 Plans
DC-3 Parts

Hawk  F-51H  Mustang,  Kit # 401

F-51H Instructions
F-51H Parts
F-51H  Stand
F-51H  Decals

Hawk  Constellation,  Kit # 702

Hawk did not
furnish decals.

Hawk Grumman Panther,  Kit # 400

F9F  Instructions
F9F  Parts-1
F9F Parts-2

Hawk  A-24 Attack Bomber,  Kit # 612


A-24  Instruction
A-24  Parts
A-24  Decal Sheet

Instructions _01




Lysander Decals

Lysander Parts_01

Lysander Parts_02

Lysander Parts_03

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